Friday, January 3, 2014

Home Made Butter

Home Made Butter

I bet you read the title of this post and way....well I will tell you making butter is pretty easy, it really was surprising.  In about 15 minutes you have butter, not only does it taste amazing but it is healthier for you then margarine. Butter is one of those things that cost a lot and our family has always used margarine for this reason, but not anymore. For many months we have not used any margarine but have bought butter on sale or have made from scratch.   I have been making butter since May but have been putting off doing a post for too long so here you go.  Enjoy!  there is nothing better then fresh butter with your warm out of the oven bread.


Whip cream/heavy cream
pinch of salt (optional)


  1. Place the cream in your mixer, add your salt if you like salted butter.  By adding salt it will help keep your butter longer.
  2. Turn your mixer full speed (you might want to cover it since mine "spits" all over the place)
  3. Keep whipping past the whip cream stage you want it to look more like wet scrambled eggs.
  4. Once your whip cream is looking like scrambled eggs about 8 minutes (this timing really depends on your mixer with my old mixer it took 15 min, but this new mixer is about 5-8 min) you want to stop mixing as soon as it separates.  The liquid will then be seeping out of the mixture, this is butter milk :) 
  5. Let sit for a few minutes and use a strainer, you will want to strain out as much of the butter milk as you can.  You can freeze this to keep for baking later.
  6. Once you have gotten as much liquid out as you can, take a handful and start squeezing and you will see tons more butter milk come out.  As you get rid of the butter milk you will notice the ball is turning into butter.  Just a note the colder it is in your house the better and easier it is to make butter. 
  7. Run under cold water and keep squeezing till the liquid runs clear, once your liquid runs clear you are done, shape it and enjoy  (this process can take quite a few minutes)
  8. You can wrap it and freeze it

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