Thursday, July 4, 2013

Strawberry Fruit Roll-up's healthy style

With strawberry season in full swing, I was looking for different ways to use my strawberries up I came up with this little taste down memory lane.  I am now on my second batch of Fruit Roll ups and have to prevent myself from over indulging not to mention an almost 6 year old boy who is not fond of sweets, yet this is a treat he is enjoying.  I loved fruit roll ups as a kid, yes I knew it was bad for me, but it was so yummmmy.  I won't buy it for my kids as it is just full of, well I am not sure but it is not good for you I can tell you that.  Here is what I call fruit roll up healthy style...ok they are not super healthy but they are not nearly as bad as the other stuff :)

Fruit Roll - Up 


5 cups blended strawberries (or any fruit really)
3 tbs sugar (or to taste)
2 tbs lemon
1 tbs corn starch mixed with water (1.5tbl water) - this is not required but I use it to help thicken the sauce


  1. Blend fruit in a blender till nicely pureed. You will want approx 5 cups of puree.
  2. Add lemon and sugar to taste, keeping in mind as it dehydrates it gets sweeter
  3. Place everything in a saucepan and boil rapidly for approx 10-15 minutes. If you are adding the corn starch mixture add it now.  Before it gets too hot check to make sure you like the taste, adjust accordingly.  You would like this mixture to thicken.  
  4. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper
  5. Heat oven to 170 degrees, I use my convection option since I find it dehydrates a tad faster.
  6. Spread the mixture evenly between the 2 cookie sheets and put in oven
  7. Bake for 3-4 hours.  
  8. It is done when the mixture is not wet and only slightly tacky to the touch.  The thicker your mixture the longer it will take to dehydrate.
  9. Cool completely and then roll in one large roll and then cut to the size you would like.
    rolled up and now I cut them in smaller pieces for kids to have
  10. Enjoy!
*Picture to come soon

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